How to get 1,000 Readers for your Blog 

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So you just created your blog, or just wiped the cobwebs of an old, long forgotten blog. And now you’re worried about how you can drive traffic, say, 1000 consistent readers of your content. Well, you can rest easy now. Today’s article presents on a platter of gold some tested and trusted hacks for getting past the 1000-mark mile.

Inform your Network

By network, we mean your family and friends. Just because they like you(if they like you), this group of people will most likely read your blogs, not because they like it, but just to see what Ade or Martha is up to this time. And it’s quite easy to get them in the know. From a WhatsApp message, to a text or email, anything that’s most convenient. Unless you have successfully offended every significant person in your life, you all have at least 20-30 persons who can be trusted to rep your content to their own extended network.

PH to GH

Thanks to the surfeit of Ponzi schemes that have flooded the country, most of us will be familiar with the terms PH (Provide Help), and GH (Get Help). For the uninitiated, you PH when you send money to someone you’re paired with. In return, you GH when someone sends you money (with interest).

Well the same rules can be profitably applied to blogging. Search out for fellow bloggers climbing up to the 1000-reader mark and connect with them. You can find them in social media/blogging groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, for instance. Make sure to comment on their articles. But don’t say one liners like “Nice one”, “Great work”, or “Keep it up”. If you were the one, would you bother responding to such a comment? So drop comments that provoke a separate discourse, like a critique of the article, or some additional information. You can also help publicise their content. But don’t drop a link to your blog from the beginning. After 3 conversations, you can reveal your agenda by dropping links to your content. At this point, you would have successfully given enough favours to cash in, simply put, PH to GH.

Guest Write for Established Blogs

Another proven method for increasing your online visibility is to guest write, not ghost write, for established blogs in your industry. Because these blogs have well-established fanbase, their biggest problem is providing enough content to satisfy their readers. This is where you come in. Help them out by sending some of your best, never before published articles. Most likely, there will be a bio section under your great article. Apart from telling a bit about yourself, include a link to your own blog. But make sure the link is to a specific article, related to your current post, rather than a link to your home page.

Befriend the Back End

So you’ve been blogging great stuff consistently, publicising it to friends, family and haters, so they know you’re making it. You now have a network of bloggers who help out to publicise your content, both big and small. But that’s not all.  It’s time to pay more attention to the backstage of your blog.

Your dashboard or back end has many tools that will help you out.  One of them is the Stats page. This tells you the articles that got the greatest views for a particular period. Armed with this knowledge of what makes your market tick,  you can recalibrate your output towards greater focus on the potential crowd spinners. This is not the time to feel sentimental about reducing your focus on something else. Unless you’re blogging for your eyes only, the age-old rule of business still applies – Customer is King.

Follow these 4 inexpensive tricks, and the only standing between you and 1000 readers will be your capacity to remain consistent and committed. If you feel this information is not adequate for your specific issue, feel free to contact us at Infusion Media for bespoke solutions to your digital needs.