Using “Call to Action” to drive Page one Traffic to your Low Authority Site

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So you’ve been posting good quality SEO content on your site, but the big boys keep stealing all of the shine. By the big boys I mean the Wikipedia’s, Wikihow’s, Forbes and the like who seem born for page 1, also known as high-authority sites. To well be discussing how to use CTA to bring page one traffic to your low-authority site with a simple trick.

Shift your focus from rave of the moment to evergreen writing. The bulk of your content should be articles with home truths or based on knowledge that will always be useful, without much need to update.

Then direct the rest of your content towards high-authority websites in your field with CTA (Call to Action) that lead back to your site. A Call to Action in this context, is a phrase in your article that directs readers to further action after, or while reading your post. Let’s illustrate.
After writing this article on how to bring more traction to your site, if I concluded saying, For a more in depth discussion on SEO, check out my site at, this would be a CTA. You get now, don’t you? Now, go forth and experiment. Don’t forget to testify here about the results.