For Business  Owners and Managers: The Opportunities in Instagram Marketing 

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Instagram, in just seven years shy of existence, is undisputably the world’s largest photo-sharing social media platform. In just two years of existence, Facebook couldn’t afford to ignore it, so they bought it for $1 billion, and in five years,it overtook Twitter as the second-largest social platform, after Facebook.  And as Facebook and Twitter switch more and more to paid advertising, business owners are quickly discovering the benefits of pushing their brand on the largely free Instagram. In this article, we seek to shed light on the vast opportunities awaiting your business on Instagram.

Your Customers are on Instagram

If you are even considering Instagram as an option to gain more brand publicity, it tells me one straight thing about your clients – they’re young. And the best place to find them, is Instagram. 90% of Instagram’s 400 milion users are under 35, according to the Content Factory. This is unlike Facebook where 65% of its users are ABOVE 35, while 55% of Twitter users are above 35. Ever since parents jumped on the Facebook train, young people have been migrating to other social platforms like Instagram to avoid Mom’s scrutiny of their pictures and Dad commenting on their timeline. So if you want their business, follow them.

Window Shopping on Instagram

By uploading images on Instagram, your followers have the opportunity to feast their eyes on your work, and  most likely, if their interest is piqued, they will want more info. Just make sure to include relevant in the caption, for instance, your office, home delivery options, and other catchy details about your product.

Make your  Brand more Relatable

In today’s world, people are more willing to put their money on brands that tell a story, not just throw adverts in their face, and Instagram gives ample opportunity for this.  Show your followers peeks into behind the scene of making your product or rendering services. Let them see a typical day at the office. Seeing how it all goes down gives users the feeling they were part of the process, just by following you, and a first choice in spending choices.

Throw in some Goodies

You could also run promos on your Instagram page, restricted  to only your followers. Not only would this encourage others to follow you, thus increasing brand visibility, it would build brand loyalty among a vast network of persons.


If you decide to tag your product or service with the right hashtags, you stand to gain more views, beyond your followership. This is because when someone conducts a search with terms similar to your hashtag, you immediately pop up. For instance, if you sell shawarma, you could hashtag it, #ShawarmaDelicacies. Don’t forget to put in a nice picture.

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