Top 4 Internet Trends for Business Owners

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Every year, technology looks starkly different from what it was last year. This poses a big challenge to business owners and managers who must stay in track with these trends to avoid being left behind. In this article, we will be shedding light on some common trends that have largely remained the same and will remain the same. If you tailor your business with them in mind, you will stay ahead of the pack.
The World is Mobile
As it stands now, up to 81% of the internet is accessed via mobile devices, be it smartphones and tablets. So if your business website is not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. One sign of this is when your website loads on a mobile device as if it is on a desktop screen.
Live Video Streaming
With the advantage of faster internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become a reality that consumers enjoy, with most social media platforms now offering it , whether as full-length videos or 30 second clips. If leveraged on, this experiential content gives you opportunities to tell your story, in ways only you can.
Marketing is Niche-Driven
Brand focus is becoming more critical to marketing success. With net space becoming more crowded, the brands that rise to the top are those that carve a niche in the minds of their client base. Let your brand name be synonymous with a particular service, or a style of service., in order to appeal to a specific category of persons who will remain loyal to your brand.

Content is King
But how do you carve a niche all yours? Content. But not just any content. Good content. With over a billion webpages to choose from, netizens are spoilt for choice, and unfortunately, most of those choices, aren’t worth the data. Because of this, people are getting smarter with their choices, rejecting online content based on headlines, the first paragraph, a disjointed statement. No time to waste time. Your content has to be worth the time and data. To get the best out of your content creation experience, hit up Infusion Media with the contact details at the bottom of the page.