5 Reasons why you should Hire a Digital Media Agency 

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For the past few weeks, you’ve probably been reading articles on how to maximize your digital media experience. At times, we have concluded by offering our services to you. But maybe you’re not convinced. You’re probably thinking  why should I bring my business to Infusion Media or any other digital media agency for that matter? I can do these things by myself. Well the purpose of this article is to clarify those misconceptions and show you why you should hire a digital media outfit.

Achieve more in less time

The biggest capital in business is not the loan you have to repay in 6 months, or your savings or the deep pockets of your angel investor; it is time. And you only get 24 hours each day.  Let’s deduct the time taken by family and personal responsibilities, and you probably have just 12 hours left, if you’re the workaholic type. Catering for the needs of clients is demanding enough, and you want to add social media to that? Chances are that one will suffer for the other; you will either spend too little time on social media it will make no difference, or you will spend so much time on it, that you end up neglecting your real clients, and we know what means right?  A First Class “Young Shall Grow” ticket to your hometown.

Hiring a digital media agency will save you that time allowing you to focus on what only you can do best; giving the best of services to your clients, while they do what they’re good at; promoting your brand across the social media.

Promoting your Brand

How exactly will a digital media agency promote your brand over and above the traditional modes of advertising? If your target audience is the millennials who spend most of their time on their mobile devices, then the best way to catch their attention is not through overhead billboards, but through content that slides through their screens. It is thus best to hire an agency that is effective in leveraging on the diverse means of promoting your brand, from content creation to social media management.

Building Brand Recognition

Did you know that Twitter and Instagram have a greater proportion of active millennials compared to Facebook? It thus follows that the strategy to be applied in reaching your target audience may differ from platform to platform. Digital media agencies like Infusion Media are quite familiar with these principles, having applied them severally for different clients, without complaint. They know what platforms are more suitable for your brand and the kind of content that catches your audience. For more details, check the testimonials page on this website.

Business Marketing

Someone once differentiated between advertising and marketing thus: advertising occurs when you tell your clients that you have a product or service that they will be interested in, while marketing involves telling clients the benefits they stand to derive from using your product. It doesn’t take too long to realize that the latter strategy will have a higher conversion rate than the other. One of the ways this is achieved is by crafting a mind-blowing CVP to appear on your website and social media handles. CVP (Customer Value Proposition), is a short statement that aptly describes the added value you bring to customers given to one else. A good CVP addresses these 4 questions:

  • What do you do?

  • Why should I care?

  • How do I believe you?

  • Where do we begin?

The primary purpose of a digital media agency is marketing. They work to manage a brand’s presence while working to get it the maximum attention it deserves.

Dealing with Competition

Have you ever wondered why a rival, who is obviously not offering up to half of what you offer, is getting all the attention, while you struggle to balance the account books every month?  Chances are that your competition is reaping the fruits of investing in their digital media presence. Today, it’s not just a matter of product quality, but packaging and sales tactics.  If you doubt, check the difference between good quality Ijebu gari from Sabo market and Koko Gari in Shoprite.