5 Reasons you should use Facebook Videos 

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When most of us think of video as a tool for online marketing, the most obvious platform is YouTube. No doubt, this platform has an edge when it comes to video marketing and enjoys enviable SEO (search engine optimization) advantages, but it’s not the only one that deliver the goodies. Facebook and YouTube both have a user base of over 1.3 billion. Already many others have started reaping the benefits of Facebook videos. And if you haven’t joined the movement, here are some reasons why:

  1. Facebook is more Data Friendly

While many of us may boast of having a YouTube account, how many regularly log in to our accounts to get the latest videos. Especially with the cost of data this side of the globe, some persons will only go on YouTube when their data plan is about to expire and they unexhausted data, or they have access to free wifi.

But when it comes to Facebook, hardly a day goes by without people accessing their accounts. Facebook definitely has the edge for maximum visibility.

  1. Opportunities to go Viral

After YouTube, Facebook comes a close second for the most viewed videos with 8 billion daily views. Your video could be one of them.

  1. High Volume Traffic

Facebook is the world’s second busiest website after Google, according to Alexa.  Most of the people who go on Facebook are looking to get entertained, and will be receptive to good video content.

  1. High Level of Face Time

The average Facebooker spends twenty-one minutes on the network for each time he logs in, and views an average of thirteen pages. You can leverage on this loyalty by creating quality video content that is engaging and worth sharing.

  1. Increased Conversions

Facebook videos feature high in Google searches, thus aiding your marketing efforts and improving brand visibility. Increased visibility in turn gets more clients for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Facebook is more than just fun; it can be the next money spinner for your business, so get involved.