Social Media Conference

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What is Social Media Conference?

Social media Conference is an event propelled by a vision to establish proper Social Media Schools/Institutions in Nigeria, so as to encourage more efficient and creative usage of social media platforms. The conference—being a foundation of a larger vision—would enlighten and teach about the rudiments of using new media effectively as a tool for personal development and societal development concurrently.
The choice to start with a conference on rudiments, despite the wide usage of social media already, is based on demographics in the host location that show poor effective usage of the platforms.

Why Social Media Conference?

Social Media conference is solving the problem of “Social media illiteracy”. Presently, it is serving the role of educating people on how to make maximum and effective use of the new media. The conference would open doors to newer opportunities.
The foundation you’ll be receiving at the conference would enable you build a structure for yourself that would enable you attain levels of self-actualization and contributions to societal development that are beyond your expectations. This conference would help out of the boxes and place you in your rightful position; the global stage, as you also help take your immediate societies in your own little ways to greater levels at the same time.

The theme for Social Media Conference in 2015